Over the last 30 years, I have gone rafting with several other companies in your area. We have been going with WAO for the last 14 years, and it is by far the best company I have found. If you are looking for an experienced rafting company, WAO is the company for you.

Bob Boul

My time as a trainee in 2008 at WAO was really the time of my life. During training we had all kinds of adventures, from learning to read water and swim in the river, to the great overnight adventures with the trainers. Training was not all fun, there were times it was difficult and very demanding, but in the end I have never had so much fun in a summer thanks to Tony, Kathy and the guides at WAO.

Trent Braddy

Royal Gorge Rafting Trips on Colorado's Arkansas River



Full Day Trip

Half Day Trip

     Double Shot






8:30 AM

8:30 AM, 12:00 PM

8:30 AM






Half Day Royal Gorge Rafting Trip

A Colorado classic, the half-day Royal Gorge rafting trip is the most popular trip we run among locals and repeat guests. The best Colorado whitewater rafting trip on the Arkansas River combined with the some of the most spectacular scenery in Colorado. We are certain this adventure will leave you in awe. We recommend the morning check-in time on this one with less "river traffic" and nearly always warm sunshine. Our guides covet the "morning Gorge" trip. WAO offers the shortest shuttles possible during this trip. Class III - V thrills.


Full Day Royal Gorge Rafting Trip

The ultimate white water raft trip in Colorado. This rafting trip is ranked in the top ten white water trips nationally. The best of Bighorn Canyon in the morning, including class III & III+ rapids Wake Up, Three Rocks, Spikebuck & Sharkstooth. We then stop for a rest at the Parkdale beach and enjoy our famous riverside lunch. Be ready to focus and paddle hard through the class III - V turbulence that is the ROYAL GORGE. Seven out of ten miles of continuous white water thrills including Sunshine Falls, Sledgehammer, Wallslammer & Boateater. The Gorge is home to the most spectacular scenery on the river as you pass under the highest suspension bridge in the world, 1053' above you. The premier Colorado rafting adventure on the Arkansas River!


Double Shot Royal Gorge Rafting Trip

This WAO original offers the Royal Gorge half-day raft trip twice in one day! This option assures that you receive the most "splash for your cash" possible. Through the spectacular Royal Gorge in the morning, a rest and our delicious lunch at the Parkdale beach, and then through the Gorge again in the afternoon! This option was originated by request from some of our most loyal and adventurous clients.


*All trips are subject to applicable user and access fees

Our guides are experts in the Royal Gorge section of the Arkansas River. River rafting is the career choice of many on our staff. River rafting guides can take several years to become proficient enough to take commercial river rafting customers in the Royal Gorge. "Gorge" guides are the most skilled guides in Colorado.